Lead qualification scorecards for Salesforce®

Designed specifically for sales development teams

Improves the quality of leads handed over to sales teams

Aids performance management, onboarding and coaching

Aligns marketing, sales development and sales teams

Improves pipeline and forecast accuracy

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Consistently generate higher quality leads

What is FrontRunner?

FrontRunner helps sales development teams consistently generate higher quality leads. It uses a structured approach to convert Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). The result is a more effective sales development team, a sales team that wastes less time on poorly qualified leads and a better customer experience.

Why Use FrontRunner?

High performing sales development teams increase pipeline, improve close rates, drive revenue growth and help businesses deliver the right value to customers.

Head of Sales Development

FrontRunner allows me to performance manage inhouse and outsourced sales development functions. It provides me with the information I need about lead qualification quality, quantity and velocity that enables me identify areas that need improvement. It helps me to onboard new team members and to coach existing members against a common process.

VP Sales & Marketing

With FrontRunner I can define our ideal customer profile and qualification criteria that are consistent with the go to market strategy that we have created. It aligns the activities of our marketing, sales development and sales teams and helps me build a pipeline and forecast that I have confidence in reporting to the CEO and CFO.

Sales Development Representative

With FrontRunner I can switch between the leads that I am assigned and easily keep track of how far through the qualification process each lead is. I can compare the qualification status of all my leads to see where I should focus my efforts. I also like having the evidence to show that I’ve achieved my quota so that I can be paid my quarterly compensation on time!

Account Executive

Since the sales development team has started using FrontRunner, the quality of leads that they pass over to me has definitely increased. I’m wasting less time working on leads that I eventually qualify out myself, allowing me to focus on leads that are not only more likely to convert to customers, but to customers that also fit our ideal customer profile.


Free ePaper:

An Introduction to Lead Qualification

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The business case for using lead qualification

Lead scoring versus lead qualification

MQLs, SQLs and SALs

The role of the sales development team

Ideal customer profiles and qualification criteria

Common lead qualification frameworks

Lead qualification stages

This ePaper introduces the key concepts behind sales development and lead qualification that result in a better quality pipeline, improved close rates and increased revenue.

 App Assessor Review

With over 160 Sales Intelligence apps on Salesforce AppExchange how do you zero in on the app that will convert your stream of marketing leads into high quality sales-ready leads?


Fortunately SalesforceBen.com helps by reviewing selected apps and here's what they have to say about Kraytix FrontRunner:


- Great solution for sales scorecards

- Native in Salesforce

- In-built data visualisation

- Provides a toolkit for lead/opportunity Q&As


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Fortunately SalesforceBen.com helps by reviewing selected apps and here's what they have to say about Kraytix FrontRunner:

Consistently generate higher quality leads

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